Friday, March 04, 2011


I worked part time for Joe Kovacic in the 80's. I was his electronics guy I would come in and wire up the 5 instruments he had made that week. It was a great experience ....Joe was intense and passionate about his craft. He was also riotously funny and a wealth of information. He could be all these things and more in the span of 10 min. His passion meant I was the focus of his anger on a few occasions (I remember Anna comforting me )

Mostly we got along and I learned fundamentals from a master. After a particularly enlightening chat about guitar building I said to Joe "There's so much to learn when does it stop" I can hear this like he's right here in the room "Johnny, you learn and you learn all your life and then you die stupid" then he laughed and went back to cutting wood.

Joe would run (no kidding) from one machine to the other ....focused and efficient ...then "Johnny it's time for coffee" He would read the Sun and comment on it and be entertaining for 15 min and then it was back to work.

Joe is probably the most prolific guitar builder in North America, he is a master craftsman and although I haven't talked to him much in recent years he is a good friend. He still builds guitars and has an 18 week teaching course in Lindsay Ontario.