Monday, September 11, 2006

Should You Humidify Your Guitar?

If you live in Manitoba you should. Our winters are known for being dry and cold and both these conditions are hard on acoustic instruments. At risk are all the braces that keep the instrument top from collapsing, the bridge, the fingerboard and the top itself. Lack of humidity is your guitars enemy #1. Wood shrinks when it drys out and that leads to cracks and warping. Glue fails when it is dried out and that can cause a whole host of troubles for any instrument.

What can you do to protect your favorite guitar? You can store it in a sealed climate controlled room or you can own a simply and inexpensive guitar humidifier. Planet Waves makes a guitar humidifier that is easy to use and works much better than older methods like the sponge in the plastic tub. Refilling the humidifier is easy with the supplied syringe and moisture is dispersed evenly from the suspended reservoir.

Before the cold weather settles in you should bring it in for us to check out and get yourself a humidifier to take care of it over the winter.